Thanks for jumping to our FAQ page. We have some questions that have been asked recently that we think may be important to many of you. So, before you send an email, check the questions below!

Q: When will my order arrive?

A: Given our social situation everything is being done by mail. So, when the celebrity is done they will mail the photos back to GeekSign where we will sort them, put them in an envelope, slap on the postage and get them out the door. This may take at least a week to accomplish. Please be patient, but be sure that we are doing what we can to get these sent to you.

Q: How do I add a personalization on my order?

A: On the “Checkout” page you will see a section below where you enter your address that says “Notes / Personalization (optional)”. Feel free to enter your personalized message here. Unfortunately we have had to limit this to 70 characters due to many folks deciding to use this as a place to try to send an often very long personal message to the celebrity. This isn’t what this is for. This is for a short message that will be written on your photograph by the Celebrity (you know, a personalization). If you want to send a flowery message, please join them on InstagramLive and chat them up there.

Q: Will the Celebrity say my name during the signing?

A: Well, we certainly hope so. However, we can not guarantee that it will happen. Anything said during the signing is at the discretion of the Celebrity. We have no control over what will be said, and, to be perfectly clear, what you are purchasing is an autographed photo that will be signed by your favorite Celebrity. The fact that they are signing live is really amazing and fun to watch, but really isn’t the intent of this. We will certainly pass your name and information along, but there is only so much time in the signing which is why we can’t make any promises.

Q: How do I order if I am outside of the US?

A: Please proceed through the order process. When you get to the checkout page use the dropdown to select the country you would like your photo(s) shipped to. NOTE: Currently some countries are under quarantine and we are unable to ship to them at this time. If this happens to be a country you live in we can hold your item until the quarantine restrictions clear, or we can ship it UPS and we would have to bill you whatever the difference in cost is.

If these haven’t answered your question please email us at info@geeksign.net with your question.